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Now, after being out of the loop for quite some time now, I am recommitted to bringing the Angel fic. lol I am currently working on a nice Andrew/Monica PWP for the sheer fact that I get too bogged down with storyline. It'd be neat to just see them get all sweaty and sticky and not have a whole hell of a lot of guilt about it... and I think these angels deserve it.

I would LOVE to revisit some of the old slashy pairings, but when it comes down to it, I think this is my most FAVORITE HET ship of all time - maybe because it was never realized during the show, but... I dunno. They're very sweet together and their looks compliment each other very well. I must finish it. It is already in the works, so yeah... eventually, I will get back to some nice Monica/Gloria - just because its sweet. Also, I was thinking of playing with some Adam/Andrew... just because. hehe

I would also like to take comments or suggestions for fic ideas. I really like to know what people want, so... there it is. :^)

Essential Monica/Andrew fic

I have finally written it! - and it is so romantic, I disgust myself - but until I can post it to aff.net, this will have to suffice. Hopefully, it's not overly syrupy, but... I do what i can to get by... *deep sigh*

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All Giddy!

Dunno why, I just am! I was looking on youtube and I saw plenty of Roma vids. (gosh. teh lovelies *squeeing relentlessly*) Anyway, I was thinking of a new fic idea, and I want to do a Monica/Andrew thing sans all the lovey dovey stuff because thats SO been done before. I mean, maybe an established ship type thing... or... maybe they are being naughty together. Something. I am tired of the angels feeling guilt. I mean, technically, they're pretty badass, so maybe... dunno.

Then again, I was thinking of a Supernatural Crossover for the simple fact that Castiel is the good old fashioned shiznits. *nod*, but I would definately ship him slash. I can't even fathom anything else. Just a thought... hmm...

I guess a piccy - for good memories. *grin*

really bad manip

an angel on the horizon
I was working really hard to "give Monica wings" and this is what I came up with. Mind you, I do NOT have the latest in photo manip technologies. Only Paint - and to make matters worse, i have the unsteadiest hand. Seriously, it's like I have MS or something. It's bullshit.

So, here it is. It was fun to do at least - until it started getting annoying. And I think
I will start work on my Andrew/Monica fic. I think its time. *nod*

Part 2 of teh Gloria fic... yay

Okay, here ish teh part two.


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Gloria fic, FINALLY! yay!

Okay. It has taken a damn long ass time, but here it is, the Gloria fic. Gosh, ya gotta love Gloria, especially after this. hehehe
Also, it's kinda long, so you might need popcorn...or ...um gatorade(?) Oh yeah. It's cut in half because apparently, it was two long to post in one foul swoop. *sigh*

I think I shall post a small visual aide - just to lubricate the senses a bit...

fic under lj cut *does a little dance*
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Angel Slash

'ello. It's me again, posting fiction. I lied about posting Gloria/Monica slash. I mean, I am still working on it, but in the mean time, I was inspired one day and i NEEDED to follow my instincts. Well... the plotbunnies tied my hands... and sorta forced me. I needed to write about Andrew and Rafael. It's mostly pwp. I mean, whaddayagonnado? *shrug*

This fic centers on Rafael's feelings towards Andrew. Something I never would have pondered in a THOUSAND years - but the fact that Rafael is so boyish and so adorable just made me do it. I couldn't help myself.

All the standard disclaimers apply: I do not own Touched by an Angel, nor do I make any profit from the writing of this work. It is merely fiction. Any resemblance to anything would be TOTALLY AWESOME, but alas, it would be coincidence as well... *pout*

my angel boys

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So, I've been working on a fic involving Gloria/Monica. What started out as a shipper fic sorta morphed into a friendfic - with benefits, I suppose. It's difficult to write Gloria this way because I don't think of her as sexy, per se. Well... not in the way that Monica is sexy. *dies*... anyway, yeah. So, thats the next project in "Q", and from there, I will try to attempt to do a Monica/Andrew thing - but slash is just so fun. XD!

da dum

So, yeah. Nothing much to comment on. Was thinking of finishing up a fic I am working on, but I will see if I can't do a better job of posting. Something about that whole "under the cut" thing doesn't work quite right with me. hehehe


Okay. So, the warnings are as follows: I am BIG into slash. My first fic. Well... actually, this is my second fic. The first one is a good fic, but its very vanilla. *shrug* Also, its het. I thought I should post this one first. Touched by an Angel fanfic, while very good,  generally follows a certain "recourse". I dared to be different. Please, don't hate me, but it had to be done.

Plotbunnies be damned. There are scenes from a few eppys of this show that made me think of this ship. Dunno if I wil revisit it or not. We'll see...


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